• Hello, I'm a Visual Artist!
    I make things look good!

  • I'm a singer
    and plays guitar and piano!

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I'm Daniel Hessel a freelance designer, visual artist, producer and a photographer.
I'll make brands shine. I'm also a Social Media nut and I ♥ the web!
I have a love for music and plays guitar and piano.

Just move to the internets it's great here. All I do is craft with love and being creative.
"The Difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just that little extra."
A Perfect Design is Passion, Dedication, and a lots of Celsius.

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I'm a visual Artist! I make things look good!
I'm into graphic design, animation, producing and filmmaking.
I like to put up animated gifs on the internets.
Especially cats, dogs and pandas.
I'm a cool nerd and designer and I love to craft beautiful websites.
I have a digital agency called Spin Productions - We make brands shine!
Check out my page at Spin Productions.
I'm also a photographer and I'm shooting with Canon 6D, full sensor camera for great shots and videos.
I use Canon lenses 50mm, 24-105mm and 75-300mm.
Check out my pictures at Papi Photography.
I'm a rockstar wannabe! I'm a singer and plays guitar and piano.

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Visual Artist


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Spin Productions


I'm a cool nerd

I ♥ the web and everything that comes with it!

Graphic Design

I have a black belt in design and have that little extra.

Crazy Coding

I'm a crazy coder that definitely suit your needs.


I'm shooting with Canon 6D full sensor camera for great shots and video.

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Celsius drinked

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